Fraud Alert
Customer Fraud Alert:
At Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC, we take the reporting of fraud or suspected fraud (sometimes referred to as “Scams”) very seriously. If you think you are, or suspect that you may be, a victim of fraud (or are being scammed), please call Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC toll free at (1855-742-8085). \ Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC, we recommend that you never send money to someone that you do not know.

Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC’s Internal Procedures of Allowing “an Individual” To Voluntarily Disqualify Themselves

Any Customer of Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC may at any time, or for any reason, “Voluntarily Disqualify” himself / herself from using the Company’s money transfer services. An example may be when a Customer approaches a Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC Agent Representative stating that his / her “identity has been compromised or stolen” or that “they have been scammed” and asks the Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC Agent Representative to not allow anyone using his / her name (including that Customer making the claim) to process any money transfer orders using Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC This “Voluntary Disqualification” lasts for one (1) year. The Customer may request to extend that one (1) year time period if done so in writing. The Customer may also take his / her name off Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC’s “Voluntary Disqualification” list prior to the 1 year time period, if such request is also made in writing.”

The Company ensures their Customers disqualification are maintained for a minimum of 1 year by adding each such Customer to the Company’s “Black List” in the Company’s Technological Platform / “Point-of-Sale” System. This automated method ensures that all Customers who have requested “Voluntary Disqualification” are prevented from processing a money transfer order (using the name or names on the list) using Julakunda Express Gambia, LLC’s money transfer services for 1 year.